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So, a few days ago wiith-my-hands asked for some Tristahad, and while this isn’t exactly what the request was, this is what happened upon me watching the movie for the first time today :) I hope you like!

(By the way, I guess the story is that Tristan just kind of made his way into Galahad’s tent one of the nights they’re camped out, I dunno??  Also, yes Galahad sleeps in the buff, shut up)

Oh, and I almost forgot:


Brought some more Nigel/Luke- or rather, The Necessary Death of a Shopaholic pics! :)


[OOC: Something which arrived at Will’s today, and was promptly read, and burned.]

My Dearest Will,

I request the pleasure of your company this evening. Please wear the suggested attire and bring one of your more generic hunting knives. You can expect me to come collect you at 9 pm. If you decline, know that I will understand, and that I will not begrudge you, nor find you rude.

With deepest regard,

Your Hannibal


this new hannibal movie looks great


Will being more Willing


"I can see that you’re upset, but I don’t know what to do."

Still waiting on my Adam/Le Chiffre fic, guys. 

Image credit: hiddlestan and madsonline


last of us au 



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