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Jumps and flips and shit.
Mads “I’m a serious professional dancer” Mikkelsen (via twinkdancy)

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The Photo of gorecorekitty as Pacific Rim’s Mako Mori has been one of our most popular entries and we’re incredibly excited to bring you even more photos of the copilot of Gypsy Danger!

Photos 1-4 by Manny Llanura
Photo 5 by Jason

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Shota Hanni&Will S.2 version ( ´_ゝ`)

Done with Copic sketch& coloured pencil.
I try traditional work sometimes.


All I can think of with those new sandstorms in Phantom Pain, Operation Spirit Temple


It’s Mads Mikkelsen acting like Hannibal Lecter but he’s not Hannibal and it’s weird. 

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miss you.


It’s done!!! :}